Everything Else

A few items that don't really fit in the other categories! Want to order? Drop us an email or telephone 01967 431460. You can collect from us, or we can post them to you!

Black Bun
Packed with fruit, this is traditionally given out at New Year to help soak up the drams consumed by the First Footers. Although since it is itself soaked in whisky it's hard to be sure that it helps much.
500g pack - £4.00
700g pack - £5.00

Rather like fudge with a bit of bite to it, tablet is one of Scotland's oldest sweets, yet it's barely known South of the border.
200g boxed pack - £2.50

A Wonderful Holiday
Can't take any credit for this one - but if you would like to come and visit our lovely area, might we suggest a stay at Viking Cottage, a little seaside house overlooking the bay in the beautiful village of Glenuig?