Things in Jars

We have a small variety of handmade pickles and sauces to accompany a pie, some cheese, or perhaps cold meats. Essential for any Ploughmans Lunch! Want to order? Drop us an email or telephone 01967 431460. You can collect from us, or we can post them to you!


Crofthouse Piccalilli
Piccalilli has a long tradition in Britain, with recipes coming back from India in the 17th Century, but supermarket varieties can be uninspiring. Our special recipe reminds us what Piccalilli should be like, with plenty of crunchy vegetables and a bit of a kick.
£3 for a 375ml jar

Red Pepper & Chilli Jam
A very versatile relish, sweet roasted red peppers with a chilli bite.  Delicious with cold meats and cheeses. Try it with fishcakes and/or deep fried Brie or Camembert, or with home-made burgers (Beef, or maybe venison!) to give them a real lift.
£2.50 for a 170ml jar 

Spiced Pickled Onions
Crunchy, spicy, fantastic pickled onions. Made to an old fashioned recipe and a natural accompaniment to our pies.
£2.50 for a 375ml jar

Pickled Red Cabbage
Delicately spiced and crunchy, this is great with cold meats.
£2.50 for a 375ml jar

Onion Marmalade
With a dense flavour of onion, this adds zip to sausage sandwiches and steaks.
£2.50 for a 170ml jar

Savoury Jellies
These are more great accompaniments to cold meats, but can also be used as a glaze for baked hams and the like. The Tomato and Herb jelly gives a real lift to cheeses like Brie or Taleggio.

£2.50 for a 170ml jar containing:
Tomato and Herb
Citrus and Thyme
Orange, Apple and Cider